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Sevilla MUG, first event

Last night was the inaugural meeting of the Sevilla MongoDN User Group.  An event organised with just over 48 hours notice, in a city where I don't speak the language and where even my best-connected contacts aren't sure they're fully plugged in to the tech scene.

I'll admit, I had some reservations:

  • a lightning talk? Will people come all that way for beer and 15 minutes of presentation?
  • in English? Whilst I'm desperately learning Spanish to get closer to presenting in Spanish, at this point I'm just not ready and have to hope people want to listen to me ramble in a foreign language
  • a MUG? Are people interested in joining a group that's solely focussed on one technology, a technology that might not have adoption here or even interest?
  • two days notice?  Are you kidding?  I know people here like to figure out their plans at the last minute, but surely this is shooting ourselves in the foot before we even start.

And then last night...  The people... they came.  On time.  And with their interesting stories and their varied backgrounds.  They listened, they asked questions, they wanted more.

What a great event.  What an awesome city.

I can't wait for next month.

(Slides here, with usual caveats of them being pretty pointless on their own)


  1. Hi Trisha,

    at this moment is available a group, MUB( a assume this mean: MongoDB Users Group) ?,
    are there some video records for this sessions ?


    1. Yes, MUG = MongoDB User Group

      We probably won't video the sessions because there are too many obstacles to overcome. However, you can see webinars and talks about MongoDB here: And Martin Fowler has an intro to NoSQL here:

      The aim of these sessions is not so much to teach (i.e. via the talks) but to meet other professionals nearby who you can talk to. That's hard to do via video, although if you're a Java person we're trying to achieve this via the vJUG:


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