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This Blog Has Moved!

Right, so yes, five years ago I moved to github pages, and never bothered to redirect any of these pages there. Now I've moved on from there, and... Finally I am using my real domain, . My blog is now at .  See you there!

My first public appearance

I'm finally moving up from working behind the scenes to actually doing a (short) presentation for the LJC. I'm going to be giving a lightning talk on Wednesday at the AWS Elastic Beanstalk event , on the JCP - what it is and what our election to the executive committee means.   Ben and Martin's post  gives a little more background on the subject. Another LMAX LJC member  Mike will also be giving a lightning talk, on Project Coin. Now all I have to do is write it...

Getting around a bit

I'm honoured to now be listed on three aggregated blog feeds: The new and somewhat embryonic . The London Java Community Aggrity . ThoughtWorks Alumni , along with a whole host of distinguished names. The pressure's on to try and write useful stuff.  Oh OK, I'll settle for "entertaining".

Why Java developers hate .NET

I have been struggling with .NET.  Actually, I have been fighting pitched battles with it. All I want to do is take our existing Java client example code and write an equivalent in C#.  Easy, right? Trisha's Guide to Converting Java to C# Turns out writing the actual C# is relatively straightforward.  Putting to one side the question of writing optimal code (these are very basic samples after all), to get the examples to compile and run was a simple process: 1. Find-and-replace the following (only you can't use Ctrl+R like I expect.  Sigh.) final = readonly (but remove from method params) System.out.printf = Console.WriteLine Map = Dictionary BigDecimal = decimal Set ... oh.  I have no idea. 2. When using callbacks, replace anonymous inner classes with delegates Java something.doSomething(new SomethingRequest(), new SomethingCallBack() { public void onSuccess() { System.out.println("Action successful"); } public void onFa

The London Java Community elected to the JCP SE/EE Executive Committee

As an associate member of the London Java Community (LJC), I'm very pleased with the news that we won an Open seat on the Java SE/EE executive committee.   The results show that we got an astonishing 47.5% of the vote - if an MP got voted in with that percentage the newspapers would probably be using the word "landslide". It's quite exciting to be one of the two user groups involved.  We hope to balance some of the larger corporate organisations, we're the voice of real life Java developers who use the language every day, for enterprise development or open source projects. You can argue Java is dying, but the community is not.  And I think we're exactly the people to guide its future. PS (Warning: gratuitous plug incoming) If you're at all Java-curious and you like drinking and attempting to be social, join us this Tuesday for our monthly Developer Sessions at the Porterhouse in Covent Garden.

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