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This Blog Has Moved!

Right, so yes, five years ago I moved to github pages, and never bothered to redirect any of these pages there. Now I've moved on from there, and... Finally I am using my real domain, . My blog is now at .  See you there!

JavaOne 2011

So, I'm off to JavaOne next week! This is an unexpected and very pleasant surprise.  I'll be there with Martin (of the Disruptor fame), and Martijn (that's not going to get confusing at all).  Martin will be talking about the Disruptor on Thursday, and Martijn is busy talking about... everything.  Most importantly for the LJC he's representing us in our shiny new JCP Executive Committee role. I'm really looking forward to meeting pretty much anyone and everyone who'll talk to me.  It's the first international conference I've been to and I'm hoping to meet people I wouldn't normally get a chance to see in London.  It's also really cool to be able to represent both LMAX and the London Java Community. Hopefully it won't lead to some sort of split personality syndrome. Almost more excitingly, I'll be doing a spot of shopping in New York on the way there and back. Because, well, it would be rude to fly over to the States and n

First public appearance caught on video

Remember a while back I talked about my first public appearance ? Well, I chased down the video, because I'm masochistic, and here it is for you all to enjoy.  Pleasingly my mannerisms are slightly less of a camp man trapped in a woman's body, which was my impression the last time I saw myself presenting.  It helps that YouTube has made the video so dark you can't see me. Slides are available for all to enjoy . Special thanks to Playfish for hosting the event - as always, their hospitality was awesome.  The fact that they didn't serve wine is probably a Good Thing.

Are you an awesome developer?

We are hiring ! If you think we're doing something interesting , or if you think you can help us do our thing even better , come join us.  Your boss will be the dude who wrote Continuous Delivery , you'll get a chance to experience what Danny calls meta-Agile (or Agile Agile), and you'll really start to care about Domain-Driven Design . Ideally we're after Java people, but at the heart of it we want people who are dead passionate about development. Apply via the Stack Overflow Careers advert  (you get extra brownie points if you mention my blog).

What my hangovers can teach you about Agile

As a survival trait for living and working in the cites 1 of London, I have a set of rituals to avoid hangovers. If you are not a single person living in a city like London, you might not understand how vital this is. Most networking, particularly in the financial services industry, is done in the presence of alcohol. So preventing the inevitable hangover is quite important to the other part of the job – the actual working bit. I'll let you into a secret and tell you my nightly ritual: Floss and clean teeth (OK I'll admit, I barely floss when I'm sober let alone drunk) Cleanse/tone/moisturise (I'm a rubbish girl, this is a very recent ritual for me) Apply cuticle cream Do my calf stretches Drink 500ml of water Eat something, even if it's a dirty McDonalds (quarter pounder with cheese, no pickle no onion). Prior to all this is the additional requirement “don't drink more than a bottle and a half of wine”. Everyone has their limits, lots of practi

Effective Sketches

On Thursday I was at Simon Brown's Effective Sketches session at Skillsmatter .  Just because my pictures are pretty awesome doesn't mean there's no opportunity for continuous learning. The points Simon made in the session really made sense to me, and I wish I could have had something like that as a primer when they taught us UML at university.  Without the context of what the diagrams were supposed to mean, to convey, all the boxes and lines made no sense to me back then.  I'm still not a fan of large chunks of UML because I think the convention sometimes gets in the way of real meaning. My take-away points were: Don't try and squidge everything onto a single diagram.  The reason lots of different flavours of architecture diagrams exist (e.g. logical view , infrastructure view , etc) is because you have different audiences for each of the diagrams and different things that are important when you're looking at it from one particular angle. One diagram yo

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