This Blog Has Moved!

Right, so yes, five years ago I moved to github pages, and never bothered to redirect any of these pages there. Now I've moved on from there, and... Finally I am using my real domain, . My blog is now at .  See you there!

Upcoming Events

So yeah... in keeping with this year's theme of basically only blogging about the exciting conferences I've been to, I'm going to blog about the exciting conferences I am attending in the future.  I haven't been great at doing that, the disconnect between the time I submit a presentation and the actual announcement means that I often forget I haven't told anyone about what I'm up to.

Firstly, I'm back in the States this month to present my very first workshop - An Introduction to the Disruptor at Strangeloop.  I've been given a mere 6 months to prepare it (note: sarcasm) and it's still a work in progress.  So, if you're coming, feel free to suggest things you want to see covered.  If you are coming, I'd love to hear from you.

Secondly, I'm back in the States again a minute and a half later for several presentations at JavaOne.  I really enjoyed JavaOne last year, it was my first international conference, my first speaking gig, and a great place to meet loads of dead interesting people.  This year I'm being greedy and I'm doing more than one talk:

  • Sun 30th Sept: UGF10467 - Benefits of Open Source 
  • Mon 1st Oct: CON3732 - Concurrent Programming with the Disruptor
  • Wed 3rd Oct: CON5130 - London Java Community: How to Change the World
  • Wed 3rd Oct: CON11338 - The Problem with Women: A Technical Approach

I'm afraid the content catalog totally confounds me, so I can't link to each talk specifically, but you should be able to search on the identifiers.

Then I'm back on home turf, at JAX London, doing the Disruptor talk yet again.  I always enjoy JAX, it has a lot of participation from LJC members, it attracts an international set of speakers and it's right on my doorstep.

Finally, I'd really, really like to go to Devoxx again this year, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.  I'll do everything in my power to be there, but no promises.

Right.  I suppose I had better get back to writing this workshop...


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