Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sevilla MongoDB March User Group and... an experiment

So... I've been using blogger for a few years now.  I like it because it's really easy just to start typing and get a blog out there, and because it provides simple analytics and easy integration into Google+ (OK, so I never use Google+, but hey, I'm trying to via blogger).

But there are a number of things blogger is not so great at, so I'm trying out a new platform at the moment, which I may or may not stick to.  More to come on that when I've got more to report I guess.

But for those who read my blog via blogger (or the RSS feed associated with it), I wanted you to know that my latest blog post is over here.  This particular experiment will help me figure out how many people read my stuff directly from here, and how many find it through other channels.

Hopefully more to come on the experiment, when I've got something to report.

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