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This Blog Has Moved!

Right, so yes, five years ago I moved to github pages, and never bothered to redirect any of these pages there. Now I've moved on from there, and... Finally I am using my real domain, . My blog is now at .  See you there!

How Mechanical Sympathy got me to the airport on time

Lets talk about mechanical sympathy.  Martin Thompson has been making this term very popular in software development, so it's best to read his description of why he used the term . I had a perfect example yesterday.  I'm about to drive to the airport and the car won't move (I'm a modern tomboy, I can write  stories about hair  and stories about cars). Not at all.  It's stuck.  I can't reverse out of my parking space. The first thing that occurs to me is something is stuck under the car.  Like a cat.  Those buggers hide in the stupidest of places.  So I get out and check there's nothing wedged against the wheels, which seems like the most logical thing that would stop the car moving. (OK that's not true.  The first thing that occurs to me is oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-miss-my-plane-and-I-haven't-got-a-backup-plan-to-get-to-the-airport-and-I've-already-paid-for-parking-and-I-would-like-to-cry-now-but-that's-not-going-to-

Devoxx UK 2013

Last week was the first Devoxx UK, bringing the brand from Belgium and, more recently, France.  And I think it was a HUGE success. Of course, disclaimers first - I was on the programme committee, so I might say that the whole thing was awesome.  Although in all honesty, even being slightly involved in the organisation of a conference is a lot of work, and you can't wait to see the back of it (and I didn't do half as much as some people).  Note to self - never speak at a conference you're on the programme committee for, it's too much work. As a speaker and attendee though, Devoxx was really brilliant - great speakers, interesting content, awesome friendly atmosphere, good venue, parties with free drink and good opportunities to speak to people.  There were downsides: limited coffee availability, no free croissants, um... I'm really struggling to think of anything else, and none of those are show-stoppers (especially when the venue is in Islington, so you can

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