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Right, so yes, five years ago I moved to github pages, and never bothered to redirect any of these pages there. Now I've moved on from there, and... Finally I am using my real domain, . My blog is now at .  See you there!

Tips for Presenters

...or, tips-for-Trisha-because-she-has-the-memory-of-a-goldfish.
  • Do not drink too much coffee beforehand.
  • Do not replace coffee with Diet Coke, it is not better...
  • Do not drink too much coffee and drink diet coke and forget to eat.
  • Check skirt length before prancing around on stage.
  • Check desktop background for public-display-appropriateness.
  • Close down applications that have popup notifications.  Do you really want hundreds of people seeing that tweet...?
  • Plug in your laptop power.  Re-typing your password every time the screen powers down is boring.
  • Remember your Mac-to-VGA dongle thingie.  Bring one even if you don't use a Mac - there might be a cute/friendly/senior/cool speaker who needs one, and you can help them.
  • Bring your slides/laptop.  Not that important, especially if you've put it on dropbox.


  1. I think the most important thing to remember is: Don't Panic!
    When I did my talk I was panicking about all the things that could go wrong but once you get up there things aren't nearly as bad as you might think and if bad things happen just take it in stride and keep going.

    1. Totally true - so many people are understandably scared of presenting, but actually it's nowhere near as bad as you think. And when things go wrong, if you can laugh about it, the audience will be on your side.


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