Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Are you an awesome developer?

We are hiring!

If you think we're doing something interesting, or if you think you can help us do our thing even better, come join us.  Your boss will be the dude who wrote Continuous Delivery, you'll get a chance to experience what Danny calls meta-Agile (or Agile Agile), and you'll really start to care about Domain-Driven Design.

Ideally we're after Java people, but at the heart of it we want people who are dead passionate about development.

Apply via the Stack Overflow Careers advert (you get extra brownie points if you mention my blog).


  1. Obviously awesome, but not really the point of this non-comment.

    I wanted to ask you whether you could share what journaling technology you are using? I am also working (software vendor) on a low latency problem in finance (but a much less sexy middle-back office problem).


  2. We write our own, we're not using a library or a purchased technology. We just write to file.


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