Public Appearances

For blatant self-publicity, I'm making a note of all the presentations, panels, interviews, articles and other public-facing events I've been involved in.

Presentations and Panels

7th Mar 2014 - Joy of Coding: "HTML5, Angular.js, Groovy, Java, MongoDB all together - what could possibly go wrong?"
6th Mar 2014 - QCon London: "HTML5, Angular.js, Groovy, Java, MongoDB all together - what could possibly go wrong?"

11th Feb 2014 - JFokus: "What do you mean, Backwards Compatibility?"

December 2013 - YOW Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney: "Career Advice for Programmers" & "What do you mean, backwards compatibility?"

23rd Nov 2013 - London Java Community Open Conference: "Keynote: Java, the Future, and You", "Novice Speaker's Clinic", "More Speaker Tips", "Career Advice for Programmers", "Intro to MongoDB", panel: "So you're a senior developer - what next?".
21st Nov 2013 - Virtual JUG: "Design is a Process, not a Document"

29th Oct 2013 - JAX London: "Design is a Process, not a Document"
28th Oct 2013 - LJC: "Speaker's Clinic: Public Speaking for Beginners"
28th Oct 2013 - JAX London: "Tutorial: A fluent API for Java and MongoDB"
18th Oct 2013 - GOTO Berlin: "What do you mean, backwards compatibility?"
2nd Oct 2013 - GOTO Aarhus: "Top Ten IntelliJ Tips"
2nd Oct 2013 - GOTO Aarhus: "Career Advice for Programmers"

26th Sep 2013 - JavaOne: "Design is a Process, not a Document"
12th Sep 2013 - JavaZone: "Design is a Process, not a Document"

23rd Jul 2013 - JavaOne Shanghai: "What do you mean, backwards compatibility?"
3rd Jul 2013 - TCube Dublin: "Design is a Process, not a Document"

27th Jun 2013 - TTN: "Design is a Process, not a Document"

16th May 2013 - GeeCON: "What do you mean, backwards compatibility?"

10th Apr 2013 - East Anglia MUG: Trisha Gee, an Unconference
9th Apr 2013 - MongoDB UK: "Schema Design"

27th Mar 2013 - DevoxxUK: "What do you mean, backwards compatibility?"
21st Mar 2013 - LJC: "What do you mean, backwards compatibility?"
8th Mar 2013 - QCon London (with Dan North): "Hire Education - Making Interviews Rock"

4th Dec 2012 – Webinar: "Financial Markets: Processing High Volume Data Feeds with MongoDB"

29th Nov 2012 – Webinar: "MongoDB on the JVM"
24th Nov 2012 – LJC Open Conference: "Keynote: The State of Java"; Panel: "Does Performance Matter?"; Panel: "The Java Community Process"; "An Introduction to NoSQL"

15th Nov 2012 – Devoxx: "The Problem With Women: A Technical Approach"
14th Nov 2012 – Devoxx: "Agile++: When Agile Goes Well"

17th Oct 2012 – JAX London: "Java Performance Frequently Asked Questions"
3rd Oct 2012 – JavaOne: "CON11338 A Technical Approach to Women"
3rd Oct 2012 – JavaOne Panel: "CON5130 London Java Community: How to Change the World"
1st Oct 2012 – JavaOne: "CON3732 Concurrent Programming Using the Disruptor"

30th Sep 2012 – JavaOne: "UGF10467 Why Open Source Your Secrets"
23rd Sep 2012 – Strange Loop: "Workshop: Introduction to the Disruptor"

18th July 2012 – OSCON: “Concurrent Programming Using The Disruptor

25th May 2012 – 010 DEV: "The Disruptor"
24th May 2012 – GOTO Amsterdam: “Concurrent Programming Using The Disruptor”
21st-23rd May 2012 – GOTO Copenhagen: “Concurrent Programming Using The Disruptor”,”War Stories”, "Programming with the Stars"

29th Apr 2012GirlGeekMeetup London: “GDC Meet a Mentor”; “Why Open Source Your Secrets”; “Technology in Electronic Trading” (with Annalisa Sarasini); Panel: “Women Only Events – Are We Creating A Girl Ghetto?”

7th Mar 2012 – QCon London: “Concurrent Programming Using The Disruptor

7th Nov 2011 – Devoxx Panel: “Why we shouldn't target women
2nd Nov 2011 – JAX London: “Understanding the Disruptor, a Beginner's Guide to Hardcore Concurrency” (with Mike Barker)

11th Oct 2011 – LJC: “Beginner's Guide to Hardcore Concurrency
6th Oct 2011 – JavaOne: “LMAX Disruptor: High-Performance Concurrent Programming Framework” (with Martin Thompson)

1st Jun 2011 – LJC: “Introduction to the Java Community Process


Mar 2014 – InfoQ at QCon London (video)
Aug 2013 – JavaOne 2013 Preview (video)
Mar 2013 – Devoxx UK (video)
Mar 2013 – Top Tips For Working With Techies (text)
Mar 2013 Google Presents Women Techmakers (video)
Nov 2012  Devoxx (video)
Jun 2012  Oracle's Java Blog - Duke's Choice Awards (text)
May 2012 – GOTO Copenhagen (video)
May 2012 – BBC 5 Live (podcast)
May 2012 – Graduate Developer Community (text)
Mar 2012 – InfoQ at QCon London (video)
Jan 2012 – Heroes of Java (text)
Nov 2011 – Oracle Technology Network at Devoxx (video)
Oct 2011  Java Spotlight: Duke's Choice Winners (podcast)
Oct 2011 – JavaOne (video)


Jan 2014 - Oracle's Java Magazine: "Introduction to MongoDB and Big Data"
Nov 2012 - Oracle's Java Magazine: "Exploring Lambda Expressions for Java"
Mar 2012 – Oracle's Java Magazine: “Sharing Data Without Contention

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